A Quick Update

A quick post as we sit outside a ranger station using the free Wi-Fi after hours. Our service has been limited the last few days and when we have it it is slow. This makes planning on the road a little challenging but we are managing! It also makes blogging difficult as uploading photos is an exercise in patience. I started the blog a little into our trip, so have been getting progressively more behind. I’m going to jumble a few days into one post so I can start to get more on track.Here are the highlights post Lake Country:

  • A trail run from Nakusp Hot Springs: the rain let up long enough for me to work out some restless energy from being in the van. David and I have found we have slightly different desired activity levels. We are mostly on the same page and want to maximize outside activities while the days are long and scenery spectacular. However, David needs more down time (and is doing all the driving while I lounge). A quick trail run is the perfect solution, at least until I get better at relaxing!
  • Nakusp farmers market: after a night camping on the main street in Nakusp (our first urban camping), we stopped at the small local farmers market on the way out of town. We picked up a few treats, including some delicious chocolate chip cookies, and chatted with a couple folks.
  • Revelstoke wanderings: the weather was still iffy, so we spent a day exploring around town. We visited the Revelstoke Dam and were awed by the scale of it. 95% of B.C. gets its power from hydro! We also didn’t know where the Columbia River went after the Gorge so we learned a lot. We visited two very different breweries – Mt. Begbie and Rumpus. Mt. Begbie is a pretty large operation and distributes across B.C. Rumpus just opened three weeks ago and all beer is served on site or transported out via growler. We felt like real locals at Rumpus and struck up a conversation with an actual local, Bryan. He was sitting at the bar alone and I could tell looked like he wanted to chat (he didn’t have his phone out). We got a lot of great knowledge from him and he and David talked skiing, which always gets David excited. Bryan is on ski patrol at Revelstoke and said it is the best skiing he has ever done. Of course David is now itching to come back in the winter!
  • Cedar boardwalk: per Bryan’s recommendation we stopped at the Cedar boardwalk in Revelstoke National Park on the way out of town. He told us that the environment changes significantly between Revelstoke and Banff, moving from rainforest to the Rockies, so it is worth getting more of a taste of the area. We loved this short walk, which David still managed to take a ton of pictures on.
Kimbol Lake Run.
View from the top of the Revelstoke Dam.
Mt. Begbie brews and views.
Cedar Boardwalk in Revelstoke National Park.

We left Revelstoke early to get a campsite in Glacier National Park (of Canada) and do a day hike. The weather was supposed to be poor and neither of us knew much about the park or hike, it was just on the way to Banff. This hike needs its own photo post, so it will have to wait for better internet. We agreed this was the most surprisingly beautiful hike we have ever done, and I would potentially say my favorite hike ever. I am genuinely worried we are going to become nature snobs after this hike, and we are already bad enough about our beer and coffee (Portland does that to you). More nature photos to come!

One thought on “A Quick Update

  1. Laura

    Kelly – I so agree about the quick trail runs. I finally figured this out on our annual Rogue River float. When all you do is sit in the front of the boat (van) you need a little extra movement now and then. Looks like a fantastic trip!


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