About Us

Kelly and David

When we first met and started dating across the country, we quickly realized a shared love of adventure and desire to not fall into the rut of routine. A dream was hatched to one day travel in a truck camper, experiencing nature and life on the road. Time passed and the dream evolved to feature the Gnar Wagon, our 2018 Winnebago Revel. Plans took shape and in June of 2019 we started our fifteen month journey around the United States and Canada.

The Gnar Wagon

You can follow the Gnar Wagon on its Instagram @gnrwgn. We made a few key modifications to our Revel, including an upgraded front bumper/winch; incredible solar array with tilt mounts; retro roofbox; roof mounts for recovery tracks, shovel, ans cell booster antenna; blackout curtains to separate the cab and living area; and art, rugs, and bench seat cover.

The Gnar Wagon soaking up the sun in the North Cascades.
Solar array and roof box by David.
Solar deployed! Ready for the low winter sun.
Kitchen post dinner and a view of the sleeping area with under bed storage.
Dining room, work station, driving and riding seats, and more. No cleaning up for the photo.
Bathroom and storage area.