The Plan

We plan to spend fifteen months in the Gnar Wagon before returning home and picking life back up in Portland. We have a rough trajectory for our trip, with tons of room for spontaneity. We love recommendations and have compiled a big list from friends and family, shown below. Let us know what we are missing!

The Roadmap:

  • Head north to Seattle and the North Cascades
  • Successfully cross the Canadian border and continue north to Kelowna, Mt Robson, Jasper, Banff, the Bugaboos, and Kootenay Rockies
  • Drop south to visit Glacier, Idaho nature locations, and Yellowstone
  • Take I-90 relatively rapidly eastwards to Michigan and head north to the UP
  • Cross into Canada and keep going east, with stops in Montreal, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland
  • Turn south and follow the fall foliage down the eastern coast of the United States
  • Keep going until we reach Florida, ideally in November or December
  • Make a turn to head west and then north, with a few quick stops in the southwest and California
  • Visit Bend, Oregon to say hello to Scoutsy (our cat), thank Kelly’s parents for caring for Scoutsy, and swap out our gear for winter mode
  • Spend winter shredding gnar in the Rockies, Southwest, and wherever the powder calls
  • Return to Bend to trade back in to summer gear when the snow melts
  • Repeat step one, but keep going until we reach the Yukon
  • Explore Alaska and then consider a ferry ride home if we have grown tired of driving
  • Go home and acclimate back into society with some great stories, sense of contentment, and gratitude for a great adventure