A Quick Update

I’ve been intending to write an update for a few weeks now, but I’ve kept putting it off. I thought I’d write a long post full of my thoughts and reflections on the Corona virus and what it has meant for us. I don’t think I’ve really processed everything that is happening, and am choosing just to focus on now and not try and anticipate the future. So for now just a quick update on where we’ve been.


We spent a little over a week in Maui with my parents in early March. I’d looked forward to this trip all winter, especially when cold and longing for a hot shower. The trip was all I hoped and we’d later realize just how well timed it was, providing a last adventure before settling in to wait out the Corona virus at my parents house. Our days mostly consisted of snorkeling, hiking, walking on the beach, cooking, and playing lots of games.


Since returning from Hawaii three weeks ago, we have been at my parents’ house in Bend. We struggled with the decision, wanting to spend a few days in Portland first seeing friends. We’d fit in a few friend visits before leaving for Hawaii, but hadn’t seen everyone we wanted to. We decided it was most responsible to go straight to Bend after landing at the Portland airport. We are living the retired life with my parents and our cat Scout, and we really can’t complain. I think we both feel disappointed about missing out on an unknown amount of van travels, after saving, planning, and looking forward to the trip for so many years. I think we’ve both decided not to think about that and just enjoy our time in Bend and relish the unlimited showers, laundry facilities, comfy bed, time with family, and our health. We are really very lucky.

We had planned to head to California after returning from Hawaii and spend a few months in the southwest. Right now we aren’t making any plans, figuring it will only lead to disappointment. David is immersing himself in van projects and has already purchased another solar panel to put on the roof. I’m learning Spanish on Duolingo and absolutely love it. I’ve also started putting together a quilt and am doing lots of cooking. We haven’t discussed how we’ll decide when we can leave and for now are just focusing on each day.

One thought on “A Quick Update

  1. Leif Francel

    Sounds wonderful, even if it has not gone according to plan! And hopefully you are back on the road soon. When the time is right.
    Athena still talks about you guys (well, mostly Kelly, not Somach).


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